Embroidery Guidelines

1. $25 Digitizing Fee
Standard one time fee is applied per artwork. Embroidery file is available upon request. Embroidery digitizing is necessary to ensure quality of thread count and how it is placed for all artwork. 

2. We currently only offer up to 6 colors. 
If you have more than 7 colors, we will automatically refund and cancel your order. 

3. Production time is 7-14 Business Days, starting on the day the artwork is approved. 
After we received your order and artwork, we will provide a flat sample sewn out within 3 business days for your approval to move forward. 

Embroidery Requirements:

Font and Details sizing:

  • Hats & Caps design - max size 5.5" wide x 2.5" height.
  • Fonts and details in Flat embroidery should be a minimum of 0.3'' high for upper case letters and 0.25'' for lower case letters.
  • For 3D Puff, the minimum height for letters is 0.75''.

For Object thickness:

  • Flat embroidery: the minimum thickness for shapes is 0.05”, the max thickness: 0.5”.
  • 3D Puff: minimum thickness for shapes is 0.2”, the max thickness: 0.5”. 

 There's a minimum of 0.05” spacing between 3D objects.

  • If you want to outline objects with a different color, the line thickness must be between 0.05'' and 0.5''.